Rubber Tile Holder (Tire) is designed for laying non-slip tiles (20 mm thick) on terraces and balconies.

Features: Advantages of tile covering on rubber holders (pads): low cost of work, easy work on the farm, easy to change individual tiles if necessary, preventive maintenance and repair of waterproofing and other.

Yield: 1 tile / 1-2 rubber bracket (bracket divided into 2 or 4 as needed)

Price: 1.57 eur with VAT.

The increased thickness of the stone tiles (60x60x2 cm) has extremely good technical characteristics and can therefore be mounted on various surfaces under aggressive outdoor and other unfavorable conditions.

Usage: terraces, balconies, pitches, rest areas, Japanese paths, barbecue areas, beaches, garages, accesses, parking spaces, production facilities and more.

Features: load resistance up to 1000 kg, water absorbance 0.1%, abrasion class 4-5 (5 highest), dirt cleaning class 4-5 (5 highest), frost and heat resistance.

Price: 38,40 - 54 eur/m2 with VAT.

Usage: terraces, balconies, play and sports grounds, recreation areas, trails.

Price: 25,40 - 27,80 eur with VAT (depending on color).

We install and repair balconies and terraces on modern building technology. It is developed according to the recommendations of certified experts, designers and manufacturers of materials.

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